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Digital Audit Robot

Digital Audit Robot

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Our Vision

Moving beyond traditional auditing methods, our Digital Audit leverages cutting-edge technology to automate processes and employs data analytics to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape of today.


Digital Audit Robot

In alignment with our cloud-first strategy, Notitek Software continually advances its capabilities to bring you Digital Auditing solutions. Didero cohesively integrates a portfolio of digital products, offering “Intelligent Auditing”. This extends our capacity to deliver higher value and more incisive analysis by directly interfacing with your real-time customer database through the cloud.

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Our Solutions

Minimize your error margin and reclaim your time by optimizing your Digital Audit procedures.


Load your sub-ledgers to allocate and manage receipts efficiently, while also facilitating easy access to transaction details from your trial balance.


Once you set up your Sub-ledger Account Codes, effortlessly perform checks for VAT1, VAT2, Withholding Tax, Stamp Tax, Provisional Tax, Social Security Institutions (SSI), and Payroll. Easily identify any discrepancies.


Effortlessly conduct calculations for your Adat (Surplus Cash Interest), Depreciation, and Rediscount rates.

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